Helping IT teams to grow

After major transformations the organisational turbulence can be huge.


After major transformations, particularly people and service related ones (including outsources), the volume of change can be extensive. 

The organisation change, like a big elastic band, can easily "snap back" into old (more comfortable) ways of behaving and working. 

And on top of this, people have a day job; so future changes and improvements often get postponed, delayed and forgotten - both from a client or supplier perspective. 

We deliver innovative tools and coaching to mentor organisations, both clients and suppliers, to help embed the new processes, roles and behaviours to maximise performance and value. 

Our array of innovative tools and strength in coaching and mentoring organisations, both clients and suppliers alike, can be combined to embed new processes and ways of working.

Our people-centric approach to any change focusses on getting the right blend of roles and skills, whilst driving the right behaviours, to maximise both individual and team performance and the value they deliver.

We aren’t just turning up to “sit on a non-exec IT board” or the odd service review – we are really passionate about making the changes, that we have helped to implement, a permanent real set of improvements that help our clients’ organisations grow and develop into success stories.

What our clients think...

They keep their language really simple, they understand your brand, they really get to know your people and what makes them tick.

Caroline Coomber Internal Communications Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity made sure we engaged with the customer better… we actually got out there and met the customer…which has given much more confidence within the business on the IT services we deliver today.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity put all of the roles in place and then communicated and educated the various members of staff and the externals on the roles and the deliverables that were required.

Tony Pusey Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

Velocity we found were very open and honest, honest in all their dealings with us along the way. It was difficult for Velocity because we were pressured on timescale, change, and to be fair if they didn't have that open and honest relationship it would never have worked.

Colin Davies IT & Operations Director - Trinity Mirror

Velocity are great bunch of motivated committed and talented guys to work with.

Peter Raettig Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

We weren't well perceived by the business and you helped us overcome some of that.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity brought Energy, Drive and Customer Focus to Gatwick IT, ensuring we delivered for our business.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity are a fast paced organisation, and they really drive through change. What shines through the most is that they really care about the impact of change on people.

Jayne Wylde IT Operations Centre manager - London Gatwick


We mentor both client and supplier organisations to help embed new processes, roles, performance targets and behaviours.

Transitions and transformations bring about major change that can leave people in the dark about what they are expected to deliver.  Our team works alongside them to coach them on their new roles and also identify where they may require additional support and training to achieve the performance targets set.

The same can be said of new processes and our team are experts in defining, launching and embedding new business processes outside of the standard Incident, Problem, Change and Request Management disciplines that many focus on.



The secret to engaging any business is in the way messages are communicated.

From board presentations, training guides and service updates through to focus groups and user forums, the way in which they are delivered is vital to getting points across.

Our team of expert facilitators and business change professionals not only work with our clients to improve all outbound communications from IT and Service functions they also skillfully craft engaging presentations, workshops and seminars.

We will also work with key members of client teams to build confidence and improve the delivery of presentations and audience events to raise the profile of IT.



Working with IT, Service and Business teams we provide the expertise to develop performance dashboards (service, transformation or commercial for example) to keep everyone focused on the important metrics.

Using the knowledge and expertise of those with direct links to our client’s business, we work to understand the key metrics and measures that need to be communicated to assess the health of the service they receive.

This approach also provides, often for the very first time, a genuine two-way dialogue between IT and the business and a means of prioritising any improvement activity in the near future.


We help IT teams grow into the partner of choice for their business and continually provide a service it trusts.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced individuals provides our clients with the assistance they need to grow internal capability and engage their businesses to give them the service they need to stay ahead of the competition.

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