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Traditional IT Outsourcing costs a lot of money, takes months and doesn't achieve any guaranteed long term success.

Smart IT Outsourcing

IT Organisations increasingly want to manage their own sourcing initiatives but struggle to know how to select an ITO partner, negotiate a contract and create a delivery model which converts legal, ITIL and commercial jargon into a relationship which produces improving and consistent results.

We have a fast, effective way of selecting the right blend of insourcing and outsourcing for our clients’ needs. Based on our industry leading ITIL-based commercial model, the solution is unique for every customer, but they all have one common outcome, a delivery model which provides enduring success.

Our truly innovative approach can save our clients more than 50% of the time and 70% of the cost of typical sourcing approaches, whilst providing them with understandable, world class commercial contracts.

Our services deliver highly cost effective, flexible and agile commercial models.

Velocity took us from a wholly outsourced model and laid the foundations for commercial frameworks where we can take control of some of those services in house.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

We probably got the best commercial contract in place that I've ever seen. It was innovative and flexible but it also had in-built focus on service maturity to ensure that we continued to improve the service over the length of the contract.

Tony Pusey – Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

One of the great things we put together was the contract and that was the past experience Velocity brought to the table.

Peter Raettig Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

Cost effective, flexible and agile commercial models.

We have managed service organisations so we know crucially what is important, not just for now but to make the relationship thrive and develop.
We have an honest, principled approach to negotiations. We won’t try and put suppliers over a barrel - “everybody has to win”.
Our proving model/maturity approach to commercials is an industry game changer: able to take 3-6 months out of an average IT negotiation and 75% of the manpower costs.

Our services deliver highly cost effective, flexible and agile commercial models.

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