Delivering Strategic Vision & Direction

Developing IT Strategies which align to wider business goals and establish IT as the key differentiator to the company success.  


We have a proven, simple approach to help IT executives create truly insightful, winning IT strategies, with clear, step-by-step approaches to plan and successfully deliver them.

We typically reduce the cost and time taken to produce winning IT Strategies and Target Operating Model by more than 50%, saving our clients money and accelerating the start of their strategic change.

Our approach to strategy is pragmatic and aimed to be deliverable by the client, not needing us; we try to create a self-sufficient legacy where the strategy can be simply maintained.

We base our Target Operating Models on our experience of what drives real value, gained from actually running services.

Our approach to delivering insightful, winning, strategic blueprints

Meeting our long-term strategy of getting our service desk and service management in house was by far their biggest achievement from my perspective because it really helped me drive my overall strategy forward after I arrived - that whole process only took about 6 months.

Michael Ibbitson Chief Information Officer - London Gatwick

The challenges for us were around getting engagement from the business, getting the business to buy in to the concept, and also transforming our contractual structure. Velocity could help us with all of that and they very successfully engaged the business, set up workshops, ran brainstorming sessions with the IT team to help make sure that both IT and the business bought into this new concept about how we were going to do service management and now service desk operation.

Michael Ibbitson Chief Information Officer - London Gatwick

They quickly worked with the team to design the end State Partnership Model and worked with all of us to ensure that we achieve that as quickly as possible.

Tony Pusey Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

Velocity really helped us to articulate the vision that we had and get all of the people that were involved in this behind the change that we were doing. They ran workshops as well as a whole host of one-to-one sessions to coach the people and ensure that everybody understood their new roles and ensure that we got a successful transition of the services to our selected outsourcer.

Tony Pusey Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

For the first time we have a living breathing strategy document that we presented to the board with the help from Velocity…  For the first time ever the board actually said that they really recognise the effort that has gone into that strategy document covering all areas of the business which reflected a good understanding of the newspaper publishing business from Velocity and the journey they've been on over the past 6 months.

Colin Davies IT & Operations Director - Trinity Mirror

We achieve these results by using three techniques to gain insights into our clients' business and develop inventive achievable future blueprints and routes to achieve them.


We use our Velocity Smart Pulse Framework™ to provide you with the definitive benchmark of what your business thinks about the services your IT department provides.

We have helped customers create a seismic shift in customer satisfaction, using the Velocity Pulse Framework™ to define the roadmap to a better relationship with your business.



A good strategic plan is a street-map to lead you successfully to your IT departments vision.

Our simple Strategic Planning approach maps our clients internal and external drivers and plots their tactical projects against a newly defined, award winning “Play to Win” strategic model.

We then coach our clients how to maintain this strategic map by themselves.

Simple, clear and maintainable, our Strategic planning model delivers real direction.



We define clear blueprints of our clients future organisations and services.

Our Target Operating models helps our clients to fully understand how their organisation, its processes and technology will work together.

We have refined our Target Operating Model approach to quickly deliver our clients a map of how to get from today to their vision and forms the fundamental building block for fast successful transformation.


Results focused approach

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