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Become your business's IT support Hero with Velocity Smart Lockers

The worlds first Servicenow fully integrated Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution

Life is too short to waste your time on IT that sucks

You were designed to deliver more.

Don't be held back by the schackles of old IT processes and systems.

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We understand the challenges you face.

We are IT support guys and Techies with over 50 years experience working for both IT companies and businesses.

We are fanatical about one thing: designing Smart Technology which frees you up, to be able to deliver more.

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Introducing the Velocity Smart Technology range

All Velocity Smart devices connect to our industry-leading Velocity Smart Cloud™ with full ServiceNow integration, which brings “Click and Collect” to the heart of your office.

Velocity Smart Technology combines cutting edge vending machines and smart lockers with industry-leading Servicenow applications to create highly secure automated collection and delivery solutions.

Velocity Smart Locker™

Manage your most valuable equipment including laptops, the Velocity Smart Locker has 34 doors, is secure and ultimately configurable to your business processes.

Velocity Smart Vending™

Holding up to 3,000 items and vending each of them first time every time, the Velocity Smart Vending, is the workhorse of the Velocity range. Giving you a range of consumables right when you need them.

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5. Become a IT superhero

Free up time, save money and become the IT super hero your business deserves.
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