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our Smart Technology

Velocity Smart Technology aim is to leverage technology with human centric design to create innovative solutions which simplify our lives, so that we can all succeed in our goals at home and at work. Success is becoming more synonymous with technology and we are increasingly dependent on its performance and reliability in both our home and work lives. If technology is this differentiator and source of competitive advantage, then its convenient availability must be vital to every organisation. Velocity Smart Technology are here to reimagine how to deliver services, challenge the status quo and disrupt the market place with solutions that modernise your IT support to help you succeed.


We all experience wasted time, cost, and effort in collecting, delivering or dropping off items, either at home or in business. Velocity Smart Technology designs solutions that automate and re-imagine each of these experiences.

Productivity Loss costs business globally billions every year

In a world where business doesn’t sleep, people need replacement equipment 24/7

Expense of IT staff means most sites are unmanned and offer limited service

IT Industry average is 2.9 days to deliver new or replacement items


Smart Lockers

Our Smart Lockers are the first in the Velocity Smart Technology family, and deliver innovation and automation directly into the heart of every IT Service organisation.

Full ServiceNow integration to Velocity Smart LockersTM brings “Click and Collect” to the heart of your office.

Simply request your laptops, phones, peripherals or spares from your online Service Portal and then pick them up directly from your Velocity Smart LockerTM. And it can be fully automated, with end-to-end request fulfilment, and integrated asset, CMDB and restock management.You can have it all: extended service hours, increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

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Velocity Smart Lockers

Velocity Smart Vending

Smart Vending is our newest product range. Here at Velocity we recognised that one product does not answer all of our customers needs. We found that customers were looking for a solution which offered fast, simple, easy access to low value, high volume items. This is when we realised that a Vending machine would be ideal for such requests.

Velocity Smart Technology combines cutting edge vending machines with industry leading software platforms to create highly secure automated collection and delivery.

Our Smart Vending machines are extremely configurable and can be tailored to suit any of your business needs. To find out more about this fantastic product please click the link below.

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Velocity Smart Vending