Velocity Smart Collect Release 3.0.0 now available.

Posted by Anthony Lamoureux - 13 April, 2021


Velocity Smart Technology - Smart Collect™ Release 3.0.0 launch

The latest release of Velocity Smart Collect™, the worlds first app to integrate Smart Lockers to ServiceNow, launches today.

Velocity Smart Technology has launched the latest release of it's ServiceNow certified Smart Collect™ App to the ServiceNow Store.

Smart Collect™ 3.0.0 is a major release that introduces the innovative Velocity Smart Select™ fulfilment engine enabling intelligent Catalogue/Asset type mapping and improved Smart Collect Portal features for Break Fix ticket creation, along with improved security and advanced Velocity Smart Vending™ Admin Management features.

3.0.0 Release Contents


  • Innovative new Velocity Smart Select™ fulfilment engine, which simplifies Catalogue Asset mapping and fulfilment:
    • Map multiple Asset models to a single Catalogue item. You can now create a standard laptop request that can be fulfilled with multiple models of laptops available in Velocity Smart Lockers based on a set of simple or advanced rules.
    • Map multiple Catalogue items to single Asset model. Velocity Smart Select also enables multiple Catalogue items to be mapped to a single Asset. Now, separate Catalogue items can be created for Ordering and Borrowing of a single Asset model.
  • Improved Smart Collect Portal features for support teams:
    • Now Break Fix tickets can be created by support teams directly from Smart Collect Portal without the deployment of the Velocity Smart Collect™ self-service request portal
  • Advanced Application logging: Our advanced audit logging capability now allows you to select advanced transaction logging of all available request fields – enabling advanced troubleshooting and auditing of past requests – enriching the audit trail of all actions carried out on the locker and vending records. 


  • Combined access model: Customers can choose option to use mixed mode for vending machine authentication – users can self-register for a QR code or have their corporate RFIDs enabled for vending services
  • Improved security: User RFID numbers can now be encrypted in your ServiceNow environment to further enhance security for vending services
  • Improved QR Code & RFID admin management:
    • Automated on-demand QR code generation for new vending services users
    • Automated real-time provisioning and de-provisioning of RFID and QR codes
  • Enhanced Vending Admin Management:
    • Vending Dispense Controls are now managed fully from ServiceNow and can now be set for the number of dispensed Items, budget or both for a chosen period  
    • Line Manager approval for specific or multiple vending dispense levels now available   
    • Vending Admin management for dispense levels, user provisioning and deprovisioning is now fully managed from ServiceNow

This release is available for immediate download from the ServiceNow store.

To find out more about this release clink the link to the ServiceNow store below.


About Velocity Smart Collect™

Velocity Smart Collect™ is the world’s first ServiceNow app to control Smart Lockers and access to IT equipment directly from ServiceNow ITSM. Velocity Smart Collect™ extends ServiceNow’s reach beyond digital workflow into physical workflow for the first time, enabling ServiceNow ITSM to seamlessly control and manage Velocity’s industry leading range of Smart Lockers and Smart Vending solutions. This enables organisations to offer their employees controlled, auditable access to the equipment they need, when they need it, 24/7, at a fraction of the cost of traditional fulfilment methods, while improving the employee service experience.

Velocity Smart Collect™ has met the high standards of the ServiceNow Built on Now Program, an app monetization framework designed to recognize partners with proven ServiceNow expertise that creates value for our customers across industries.

About Velocity Smart Technology


Velocity Smart Technology is designed from the ground up to deliver the most effective Lockers and Smart Vending solution for Enterprise IT that integrates seamlessly to your existing services, which is why we built it on ServiceNow . We’re proud to be the Worlds first ServiceNow fully integrated Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution that finally delivers on the promise to Save you time, Save you money and Improve your service.


Smart Collect™, Velocity Smart Locker™, Velocity Smart Vending™, are registered trademarks of Velocity Smart Technology ltd. in the United Kingdom and/or other countries.  


ServiceNow, the ServiceNow logo, Now, Now Platform, and other ServiceNow marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of ServiceNow, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.  


To find out how to implement this new release for your ServiceNow platform click the link below to contact Velocity Smart Applications support.


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