Always Individual. Acting as one.

We come from different backgrounds but live to do the same thing:
solve problems and create opportunity...

We’re designed to be diverse. We come from a combination of delivery, management, technology and IT consulting backgrounds. We’re no strangers to hard-work, but that’s not how working with us should feel. We think our passion for people is infectious. This should be rewarding and even fun.

We’re collaborative, committed and connected. We’re definitely not the biggest (being nimble is good) or the most expensive consultancy (hurrah) you will work with. We work hard to be the most creative and engaging. We work hard to design and deliver change people love.


Strategy and Development Director

A veteran IT director, Anthony is our passionate, fast-talking, IT industry strategist & spokesman, leading company direction, sales & marketing.

After honing his skills within blue chip IT firms, Anthony went client side, delivering real transformation as a delivery executive & interim director.

Anthony takes dry, dusty old models like SIAM, ITIL and MSP and breathes some real-world life into them to help our clients deliver with pace and direction.

He's most at home planning, pitching and leading from the front.


Consulting & Methodology Director

Stuart is a tenacious Scot with a passion for life and change. As our consulting director, Stuart leads our innovative Velocity Consulting practice.

He is MBA qualified, learnt the ropes working for traditional consultancies and thrives on getting the best from his teams and clients by challenging the status-quo.

With a practical eye, Stuart can cut through the bull to help his clients design new strategies and build dedicated teams that lead them to success.

He loves learning about individuals and their business to gain the insights to create change that people embrace.


One size does not fit all.

Every project, like every customer, is different, with unique requirements of industry knowledge, customer insight and technical skills.

This is why at Velocity we combine our in-house team with our network of talented people, to tailor the perfect team for your challenge. We call it our pop-up project team: the perfect blend of skills and experiences, nimble, fast-moving, efficient.

Our range of backgrounds offers a network of quality people covering the right industries and specialisms to make your project successful, fun and rewarding.

The new business environment means there has never been a better time to operate a collaborative model. Our approach delivers the flexibility, agility and efficiency you need, whilst bringing fresh insights and exciting ideas.

We think you’ll love it.

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