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How to use Smart Lockers as a digital enabler & overcome the fear of change...

Every business is under pressure to embrace change and adapt new technological developments to improve efficiencies. From Ford Motors developing the first mass production assembly line in a car manufacturing plant, to Tim Berners-Lee giving us the World Wide Web – change is inevitable. 

But navigating change is risky business. Which is why when it comes to adopting new technology that can improve employee efficiency, IT Mangers, CIOs and IT Directors are cautious about rushing into adopt ‘the next big thing’.

However, if you consider that the average UK worker is wasting 50 hours a year as a result of failing technology – then isn’t about time to implement change?

In this eBook, we explain how your business can drastically reduce the number of hours wasted by employees who’s technology failed them, and transform your IT support.

By downloading this eBook, you will discover:

  • How to reduce disruption at every stage of supplying replacement IT equipment
  • How to free up the time of your engineers to actually fix problems, rather than deal with phone calls and ticket requests
  • How to provide the modern workforce with the modern workplace experience they expect
  • How focusing on user experience of your workforce can transform your business forever

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How to overcome the Fear of Digital Transformation

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