Save time

Velocity Smart Collect™ ServiceNow application means no new applications to install and saves time for your support teams and users.

Save Money

Velocity Smart Collect offers the lowest total cost of ownership by proven, demonstrable savings in support effort and asset procurement costs.


Improve Service

Extend your service hours, dramatically improve your SLA response times and create service your customers will love.                              

The old way to deliver and collect IT equipment just plain sucks.

All aspects of End User Services, from apps to storage, is now cloud-based digital services but the Delivery and Collection of IT equipment is still a distinctly analogue, labour-intensive, time-consuming task, which hasn’t changed in the last 20 years and cost companies millions each year.

That's why today it still costs businesses:

20 %

It equates to nearly 20% of all the time spent on End User Computing support teams

2.9 Days

It still takes on average 2.9 days to fulfil a user request for replacement equipment

We think you were designed to deliver more. 

Which is why we created Velocity Smart Collect™

Man thinking in front of laptop

We understand the challenges you face

We are IT support guys and Techies with over 50 years experience working for both IT companies and businesses.

We are fanatical about one thing: designing Smart Technology which frees you up, to be able to deliver more.

We all experience wasted time, cost, and effort in collecting, delivering or dropping off items, either at home or in business.  Velocity Smart Lockers and Smart Vending solutions improve in-house customer service and are ideal solutions for asset, parcel and package collection and delivery.


Velocity Smart Collect™

We have developed the world's only “Built On Now” Certified ServiceNow Smart Locker solution, designed specifically for the needs of enterprise businesses.

Fast automated “Amazon-Smart Locker style” 24/7 Delivery and Collection solution of IT equipment and peripherals for corporate IT and IT Managed Service Providers.

The Velocity Smart Collect™ solution comprises three key features:

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Velocity Smart Collect™

  • The only ServiceNow Built On Now certified application for Smart Locker management
  • Certified as compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions


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Velocity Smart Lockers™ & Velocity Smart Vending™

  • The only ServiceNow Built On Now certified application for Smart Locker management
  • Certified as compatible with all supported ServiceNow versions

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Global Support and Delivery

  • World-wide logistics, delivery and support
  • Enterprise-level support response and performance

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Velocity Smart Collect™ is

'Built On Now'

We are proud to be a ServiceNow Premier Partner. 

When you deploy velocity smart collect™

Your company could experience...

95 %

95% faster asset delivery speeds

20 %

Up to 20% reduction in Deskside support effort

20 +

20 point improvement in Employee Net Promoter Score

60 Secs

User Request time from 2.9 Days to less than 60 Seconds


Implementing Velocity Smart Collect™ is easy

1. We design your perfect solution

We'll help you to build a Smart Technology solution perfect for your business.

2. We manage the fast seamless implementation

Download & implement Velocity Smart Collect, design your locker graphics, and have your solution working in as little as 5 weeks.

support hero
3. You Become an IT Support Hero

Free up time, save money & improve services to become the IT Support Hero you were always meant to be.


  • Velocity's new Research Report

    Discover key insights into working behavior and how workplace IT support will change in 2021 and beyond

    We have commissioned an insightful Market Research report that investigates the changes in working behaviour pre and post Covid-19 lockdown. This report uncovers unique insights from UK & USA office workers and predicts how workplace IT support will change in 2021 and beyond.

  • Velocity Smart Lockers are a key tool in helping our customers to return to work post-lockdown

    With a range of COVID secure application features, Velocity Smart Collect™ enables you to configure quarantine timeframes for deposited locker items and also ensure all items stocked into a locker have followed your own disinfection protocols.


How much time and money Velocity Smart Collect could save you?

Take our ROI Challenge and find out how our customers achieve a Return on Investment in as little as 6 months.

Take our quick online questionnaire and receive a tailor-made ROI model for how much time and money we can save your business. 

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Download product brochure

Download our free Product Brochure to find out more about Velocity Smart Technology

Download our free Product Brochure to find out more about our range of Smart products and services


As Seen In...

  • Most businesses do not prioritise laptop replacement, unless you are a VIP, so it is likely to take days,” said McDonald. But with Velocity Smart Locker, a new laptop with the user’s system image can be ready to collect in about 45 minutes

    Computer Weekly

  • In reality, these units seem to make sense for any forward-thinking tech support department.


  • Whether you are borrowing forgotten items, collecting new equipment or even replacing a faulty laptop with one configured personally for you, this system removes the need to call the IT department or find a local support engineer

    Kit Guru

  • This kind of automated, cloud-based support service extends IT desk side support beyond the conventional 9-5 and turns it into a 24/7 service at a much-reduced financial cost to businesses.

    IoT Now

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