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Welcome to Velocity Smart.

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Velocity Smart Consulting

Helping businessess to deliver real Digital Transformation through Servicenow 

Velocity Smart Consulting

Velocity Smart Lockers

Welcome to the future of Deskside support 

Velocity Smart Lockers

Velocity Smart Technology

Velocity Smart Technology

Welcome To The Future Of Deskside Support

Velocity Smart Consulting

Velocity Smart Consulting

Today's Enterprise IT Transformation Consultancy for Tomorrow's IT Challenges

About Velocity Smart ...

Velocity Smart is the combination of Velocity Smart Consulting and Velocity Smart Technology which combine to Reimagine, Challenge and Disrupt the way we do things. We simplify the complex so that you and your business can succeed.

Our approaches and solutions are designed from years of delivery and operational experience to overcome your business challenges. Everything we do is designed around people and taking the friction out of the IT so you can be more effective in your role because we believe this translates to both personal and business success.

We challenge the constraints of out dated models and solutions to help you win.

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We created Velocity because this is the most exciting time to work in IT

The right blend of ideas, people and technology can achieve anything in business. Creativity and a human approach can put IT at the heart of that, making it a creator, not just a cost.

We design everything we do around people, start to finish

At the end of every plan and process, text and tweet, envelope and email there is a person, just like us. We get to know that person and build everything we do around them with simplicity at the core.

Transformation Results = Quality x Adoption

From developing the simplest process to implementing the most effective technology, quality of solution is important – but buy-in from the team is critical to success. As we like to say: ideas inspire; technology enables; people deliver.

We’ll never stop learning

We don’t pretend to have all the answers. Today’s rate of progress is such that major new discoveries, innovations and solutions are announced daily. We’ll never stop learning new ways to work smarter.

Velocity Smart Consulting ...

We formed Velocity Smart Consulting to inspire and deliver change, by developing frictionless business solutions and services designed around people, so that businesses can deliver greater results.

We transform IT services by implementing innovative smart-sourcing and delivering complex people-centric business and technology change.

We bring real-world delivery experience and street smart commercials to our clients, to help them reimagine, challenge and disrupt the complex challenges which all enterprises face, in todays exponentially changing technology landscape.

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Velocity Smart Consulting

Velocity Smart Technology ...

Velocity Smart Technology aim is to leverage technology with human centric design to create innovative solutions which simplify our lives, so that we can all succeed in our goals at home and at work.

Success is becoming more synonymous with technology and we are increasingly dependent on its performance and reliability in both our home and work lives. If technology is this differentiator and source of competitive advantage, then its convenient availability must be vital to every organisation.  

In a world of round the clock rapid results and instant gratification, with maturing cloud and automation services, the thought of waiting the average 2.9 days for a deskside support ticket to be resolved sounds ludicrous. IT support can be constrained by the availability of people which is not congruent with the speed of todays business. This negative impact on effectiveness has been a source of frustration for years and encouraged the design of our first in a suite of Smart Technology Solutions; the Velocity Smart Locker.

Designed around the demands and challenges of modern businesses, the Smart Locker bridges the gap between the physical and the virtual. It removes the friction, removes the delay and reduces the cost of keeping you productive by bringing click and collect consumer grade service to your workplace, 24/7.

Velocity Smart Technology are here to reimagine how to deliver services, challenge the status quo and disrupt the market place with solutions that modernise your IT support to help you succeed.

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Velocity Smart Technology

What our clients say

They keep their language really simple, they understand your brand, they really get to know your people and what makes them tick.

Caroline Coomber Internal Communications Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity made sure we engaged with the customer better… we actually got out there and met the customer…which has given much more confidence within the business on the IT services we deliver today.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity put all of the roles in place and then communicated and educated the various members of staff and the externals on the roles and the deliverables that were required.

Tony Pusey Chief Information Officer – Trinity Mirror

Velocity we found were very open and honest, honest in all their dealings with us along the way. It was difficult for Velocity because we were pressured on timescale, change, and to be fair if they didn't have that open and honest relationship it would never have worked.

Colin Davies IT & Operations Director - Trinity Mirror

Velocity are great bunch of motivated committed and talented guys to work with.

Peter Raettig Head of Infrastructure & Operations - Trinity Mirror

We weren't well perceived by the business and you helped us overcome some of that.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity brought Energy, Drive and Customer Focus to Gatwick IT, ensuring we delivered for our business.

Phil Holter Commercial Manager - London Gatwick

Velocity are a fast paced organisation, and they really drive through change. What shines through the most is that they really care about the impact of change on people.

Jayne Wylde IT Operations Centre manager - London Gatwick