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We live in world that expects a rapid response to solving a problem. It’s an ‘on-demand generation’ and IT support is no different. Remote IT support is the norm. Something isn’t working so we call an IT support helpline or log a ticket request and wait for a response. This remote model has reduced business downtime dramatically, but there is one crucial area that is stuck in the past and causes unnecessary and hugely inconvenient delays – the replacement of IT equipment. 

How long would you expect to wait if your company device fails completely? 24 hours? 2 days? Astonishingly the average response time to a major IT failure is 2.9 days! Can you imagine this lack of response time in any other industry?

It’s time that the replacement of IT equipment was brought into the twenty-first century and is reduced to a matter of minutes as opposed to waiting days.

In this eBook, we introduce the next generation in desk-side support, leveraging smart locker technology to provide users with fast, frictionless access to vital equipment 24x7.

By downloading this eBook, you will discover:

  • How to maximise the skills of your IT engineers and stop them wasting time on ordering replacement equipment.
  • How to securely provide IT equipment from multiple hardware suppliers to multiple teams at multiple locations.
  • How a device can be entirely configured to a user’s personal settings and apps, remotely and automatically, in less than 60 minutes.
  • How organisations can save an estimated 10% - 20% on end user support costs by adopting Velocity Smart Lockers and a self-service approach. 

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