We are passionate about making the worlds' best Smart Locker solution

We are IT support guys and techies, with careers spent working for both IT companies and enterprise businesses.

 We are passionate about one thing: designing Smart Technology which frees you up, to be able to deliver more.

In our small way, it is our contribution to changing the world for the better.


Why we came up with Velocity Smart Collect

We all experience wasted time, cost, and effort in collecting, delivering or dropping off items, either at home or in business.

After careers working together for IT Managed Service Providers, we formed Velocity Consulting in 2013 and helped to transform IT Services for many global companies.
We used tools like ServiceNow to automate and reimagine the processes and ways IT teams worked, but time and time again we found that there was no solution to "digitize" the delivery and collection of equipment to users.
In fact, when every other aspect of End User support, from storage to office apps to software download and remote support has all become digital and faster, the industry average time for a hardware repair was still 2.9 days - which hasn't changed since the 1990s. We were frustrated that we couldn't find a solution to this problem for our customers.

Our big idea - it had to be Built on ServiceNow

We brainstormed late at night and came up with the solution: a Smart Locker that seamlessly integrated with the way users and IT teams worked.
We realised that most Locker and Vending solutions were designed by Locker manufacturers who, without any experience in IT support,  had built Locker and Vending solutions which created more work for IT teams, rather than automating and reducing their work and saving users time. 
This is why we created Velocity Smart Collect™.
We understood that ServiceNow is the way the enterprise IT teams manage their services. Any Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution had to not just "connect" to ServiceNow, it had to be Built On Now. Which is why to the decision to create Velocity Smart Collect as a ServiceNow application. 
Smart Locker exhibition-1-1-1
Service Now event

So we built Velocity Smart Technology

 We found a talented team of software developers, designers, service experts and project consultants and set out with a simple, but challenging goal - we were going to create the best Smart Locker solution for corporate use available in the world today.
We searched hard and found a range of incredibly intuitive Smart Lockers and Smart Vending machines, with incredible simple design which we could connect to ServiceNow. In 2018 we launched the first version of the Velocity Smart Collect application - bringing "Click and Collect" to ServiceNow's request portal for the first time. Since then we have implemented 3 or 4 releases per year, adding hundreds of new features and improvements. 
We also realised that a great solution had to have world-class professional and support services, so we have obsessed about building a global enterprise scale services business.

We create world-class enterprise grade business solutions

Today, just like Uber isn't a "taxi cab firm", we aren't “locker manufacturers”; we are IT and Digital experts that create world-class enterprise grade business solutions.

We have experience in developing bespoke workflow and application enhancements to our Velocity Smart Collect™ application, to help make our solution perfect for our customers specific ideas. We know what works and what does not, which is why we continue to work hard to create a Smart Locker solution that truly solves the real-world problems facing IT support teams today. 

Our locations

Velocity Smart Technology


16 Red Lion Square in the emblematic Holborn at the heart of Central London.

16 red lion square
London window
london work room

Velocity Smart Labs


 In the brand-new Ring Tower in Sofia which provides a permanent location for all of Velocity's Bulgaria based employees.

Sofia Lobi
Sofia Working tables

Velocity Management Team

With over 50 years of experience in IT Software and Service Transformation, our DNA is very different from other Locker solution providers.
Anthony Lamoureux

Anthony Lamoureux

Chief Executive Officer

A veteran IT director with over 25 years experience, Anthony has had a career as Programme Director and Head of IT. After honing his skills within blue-chip IT firms, Anthony went client side, delivering transformation for brands including Gatwick Airport, Reckitt Benckiser, Centrica, and Co-op Bank.

Stuart McDonald

Stuart McDonald

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart is MBA qualified, learnt the ropes working for traditional consultancies and has over 15 years experience working with global brands including Gatwick Airport, Trinity Mirror and the International Olympic Committee to streamline ways of working to deliver financial and service improvements.

Lyubo Chavdarov

Lyubo Chavdarov

Cheif Technology Officer

Lyubo brings over 10 years expertise in leading dynamic technical teams that deliver innovative digital solutions within the IOT space. He is currently leading and growing our Bulgarian “Velocity Labs” product development team.


Our Carbon Neutral Commitment

Our company and all our products are carbon neutral. 

We are proud that Velocity Smart Technology is carbon neutral – and so are our products.

 As a company we have always challenging ourselves to do more for the world we live in and the future we leave for our children.

 Which is why in December 2020 we signed up to a Net Zero target to contribute to limit the Global Warming of the planet to 1.5 °C by 2035.

 In our first step towards this goal we are proud that Velocity Smart Technology is now carbon neutral – and so are our products. In fact we have Carbon Offset all Carbon Emissions we have created as a company since we first formed in 2018.

 This is a world first for a Smart Locker business and an important step for our industry as a whole – manufacturing and shipping our devices around the world shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on our planet.

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