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We are proud that the clients who are passionate about driving transformation understand and love our approach ...

In fact most of our clients and partners choose to work with us again and again to help with their strategic challenges. It's a long-term relationship based on trust and delivery.

Some featured examples of our work, along with lessons which can be gained from them, are detailed below.

Velocity Smart Technology Product Brochure


Product Brochure of our Velocity Smart Technology range of solutions

How to Overcome the fear of Digital Transformation


Discover how to use Smart Lockers as a digital enabler & overcome the fear of change

Transform your IT Support with Velocity Smart Lockers


Download our eBook and discover how Velocity Smart Lockers can drastically improve IT support and reduce cost

Transforming IT Service At Trinity Mirror

Case Study

Download our case study and discover how we applied our core belief that ‘Everbody Must Win’

Trinity Mirror Service Transformation Case Study


Discover how we worked in partnership with Trinity Mirror IT to help them successfully transition their services to their selected outsourcer, Endava.

Transforming IT Service At Gatwick Airport

Case Study

Discover how we turned London Gatwick’s End-User transformation programme into the most successful user programme in the company's history.

Transforming End User Computing At Gatwick Airport

Case Study

Discover how disruptive innovation can achieve radical business change in a short period of time.

Gatwick Service Transformation Case Study


Discover how we helped London Gatwick to provide excellent customer service, improve IT performance, and save money on their annual IT spend!

5 Reasons why Outsourcing Deals Fail


Discover the simple mistakes that could destroy your outsourcing deal and learn how best to avoid them.

Computer Says "Yes"


Learn how to create an IT service helpdesk that delivers excellent customer service and becomes integral to the business

Put ServiceNow at the heart of your Transformation


ServiceNow is more that just a tool for the IT department. It can help deliver real business transformation.

Velocity Keynote - ExperienceNow 2015


Velocity shares how ServiceNow can empower your IT organisation and drive real-world transformation in radical timescales

Velocity Masterclass - Nordic IT Sourcing & Innovation Forum 2015


Watch Velocity Director, Anthony Lamoureux, talk about the evolution of outsourcing

Velocity Anki Drive Challenge @ ITSMF2014


Check out the Velocity Anki Drive Challenge. Great fun and our disruptive way to show the lighter side to Velocity Innovation and Acceleration!