Velocity Market Research Report 2021

Supporting your Remote Workforce in 2021 and beyond

Market Research Report

Velocity has commissioned a Market Research report that investigates the changes in working behaviour pre and post Covid-19 lockdown. This report uncovers unique insights from UK & USA office workers and predicts how workplace IT support will change in 2021 and beyond

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Velocity Smart Technology

Velocity Smart Technology Product Brochure

product Brochure

Find out how our industry-leading range of Velocity Smart Lockers™ and Velocity Smart Vending™ solutions combine with our Velocity Smart Cloud™ and ServiceNow Smart Collect™ App to create the world’s only fully integrated Smart Locker solution designed to work the way you do.

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overcome digital transformation

How to Overcome the fear of Digital Transformation

Velocity eBook

In this eBook you can will discover how to use Smart Lockers as a digital enabler & to overcome the fear of change. We explain how your business can drastically reduce the number of hours wasted by employees whose technology failed them, and how to transform your IT support.

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Transform your IT Support with Velocity Smart Lockers

Velocity eBook

We live in a world that expects a rapid response to solving a problem and IT support is no different. In this eBook we explain how you can drastically improve IT support and reduce cost by leveraging smart locker technology to provide users with fast, frictionless access to vital equipment 24x7.

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