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A new way to finance your Velocity Smart Collect™ solution

Econocom’s payment-over-time, flexible end of lease options and international reach, along with their deep understanding of Smart Locker financing, made them the natural choice for Velocity's finance partner. 

Velocity’s Smart Locker solutions, along with all project and service charges can now be provided on a monthly rental, fitting the budgets of clients around the world, whilst boosting security and productivity. 


Ownership or As-A-Service: What are the main differences?

Whether CAPEX or OPEX is important to your business,  you want to pay for assets upfront or want to be able to spread the cost over the life of the service, we have options which will suit your needs.

VST as a service


Assets are paid over time via an all-inclusive solution under a single contract

  • Regular smaller payments
  • One intermediary via One Digital Partner
  • Predictable expenditures with no extra cost
  • OPEX friendly
  • Payment terms: Buy Now Pay Later, Cash Back etc.
  • You use the equipment
  • Subscription freedom
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Outsource services to provider
  • End-of-term options: extend contract, buy assets etc.
  • End-of-contract services (recycling etc.) included 
VST upfront ownership

Upfront Ownership

Technology is purchased outright via a purchase agreement


  • Larger upfront payments 
  • Multiple stakeholders 
  • Unpredictable expenditures 
  • CAPEX 
  • No payment terms 
  • You own the equipment 
  • Ownership responsibilities 
  • Higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Manage everything in-house 
  • No flexibility at the end 
  • You are responsible for your end-of-life tech 

What are the benefits of 'As-A-Service'? 



Enjoy the Latest Technology

With as-a-service subscriptions you always have access to the latest models. New equipment also eliminates user productivity issues caused by aging assets. 




Enjoy Greater Flexibility 

Scale tech deployment up or down as needed to accommodate changes in your workforce. 

Enjoy end-of-term options: hand back and refresh or extend contract or buy back the equipment.



Control your Cash Flow

With as-a-service, you spread the cost over time and remove painful upfront investments. Therefore, you can allocate your budget to other strategic activities! 




Quick to Set Up

You have one single point of contact, who deals with all your chosen suppliers, resulting in a seamless and fast rollout! 


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Full Lifecycle Management for Great Peace of Mind 

Standard as-a-service packages include end-to-end services: delivery, warranty, maintenance, installation, recycling etc. 



Reduce Workflow, Improve Productivity

While handling everything in-house, your IT team's productivity might suffer. With as-a-service , you remove the unnecessary IT workload. 

As-A-Service Explained

How does it work?

With Econocom “Buy Now Pay Later” solution, you can order and use Velocity equipment right away while deferring your first payment until later in the year. 

How does VST Velocity Leasing Works
The value of Econocom

Why Econocom? 

Econocom is Europe's largest independent provider of As-A-Service and financing solutions for transformation projects, with key experience in fiancing Smart Locker solutions for Global enterprise customers.

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