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Effective and safe IT Support fulfillment for our changing world

As the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world we know, technology teams are now focussing their efforts on how they can safely provide IT support whilst meeting government "Covid-19 Secure" post lock-down social distancing government guidelines. The challenges that post-lock down restrictions are causing businesses include:

  • How to provide IT equipment while meeting social distancing guidelines
  • How to build procedures to check that all equipment provided has been disinfected (and knowing who performed the clean)
  • How to ensure that broken/loan IT equipment is collected safely by enforcing quarantine periods

With its all-new Covid-19 Secure safety features, the Velocity Smart Collect app along with Velocity Smart Lockers and Smart Vending are now being seen as a vital tool to solve the challenge of how to provide effective IT Support while still obeying social distancing policies and maintaining the paramount safety of both end-users and IT staff.


“Device Disinfected” Check

Ensure all items stocked into Smart Lockers have been disinfected according to your lock-down policy with a configurable feature requiring team members who are re-stocking to confirm that the items have been cleaned.


“Device Quarantine” Feature

All locker items can now have a configurable ‘Quarantine period’ (set to a default of 72 hours) before the item can be picked up or collected from the Smart Locker, ensuring that where possible any Covid-19 virus on the device is likely to be killed.

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ServiceNow COVID Management

These new features can be further integrated with ServiceNow Covid-19 management applications to enable full IT Support fulfillment transparency.



Smart Lockers Safety features

Velocity Smart Lockers, combined with our industry-leading Smart Collect Servicenow certified App, enable businesses to Covid-19 Secure IT support while protecting both users and IT support teams.

Velocity Smart Lockers support your Covid-19 post-lockdown support delivery by:

  • Enabling IT support teams to provide IT equipment without requiring physical contact with users
  • Enabling 24/7 asset replacement to ensure teams are working, no matter the time
  • Provides 24/7 cover in locations that may not even have on-site support currently
  • Enables IT equipment to be quarantined prior to collection or drop off
  • Ensures IT equipment is cleaned and disinfected prior to stocking
  • Provides audit trail of which IT members stocked which items
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