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Unified Management Platform

Monitor the age and usage of assets stored in lockers, providing real-time insights into maintenance needs.


Real-time asset tracking

Customizable workflow integration allows to tailor asset management processes. This flexibility ensures compatibility with diverse assets.


Secure access control

Encryption, multi-factor authentication, and access controls to safeguard sensitive asset data, continuously monitoring asset access and usage.

The healthcare and pharma sector faces several significant hurdles within its IT support department

These are the three biggest challenges:


Interoperability Challenges

These organisations operate on diverse IT infrastructures.
Integrating and managing these different technologies presents challenges, as various systems may not communicate effectively.

Asset Tracking in Dynamic Environments

Healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities often have a vast array of IT assets, which frequently move between departments, clinics, and research labs, making it challenging to track their whereabouts and ensure accurate inventory management.

Sensitive Data Handling

Healthcare and pharma organisations deal with highly sensitive patient data and proprietary research information, prioritising data security.
Strict regulations mandate stringent data security and privacy measures, imposing heavy penalties for non-compliance.


Most respondents from the Healthcare and Pharma sector expressed their willingness to explore investments in Digital Workplace Technology, recognising its potential to enhance the productivity and convenience for employees and IT support staff.

Velocity Smart Technology is bringing its trusted Smart Locker and Smart Vending solutions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, offering innovative solutions to enhance asset management efficiency.

In collaboration with leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies globally, Velocity customizes workflows tailored to the unique challenges faced by these sectors. Our commitment is to empower healthcare operations by providing solutions that address key hurdles in equipment and inventory management.

With Velocity Smart Lockers and Vending machines, healthcare professionals can streamline the tracking and management of critical assets. Leveraging our Smart Collect® application, facilities can efficiently manage medical equipment loans, monitor the lifecycle of assets, and enhance security measures.

Velocity Smart Technology is trusted by prominent players across various industries. They are already experiencing seamless asset management solutions designed to meet the specific demands of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Elevate your operational efficiency today.

With Velocity Smart Collect® you experience... 

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Technology Integration and Compatibility

 Smart Collect on ServiceNow serves as a centralized platform for managing diverse IT assets, including medical devices, software licenses, and laboratory equipment, ensuring compatibility and interoperability across different systems.
 The system offers customisable workflows facilitating seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and streamlining asset management processes.

Automated Inventory Management

Velocity Smart Collect, offers real-time asset tracking capabilities, allowing healthcare and pharma organisations to monitor the movement and location of assets across various departments and facilities.
The system automates inventory management processes, providing accurate and up-to-date information on asset availability and usage, reducing the risk of asset loss or misplacement.
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Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Smart Collect®, provides secure access controls, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive IT assets and patient data.
The system generates detailed audit trails of asset transactions, including access history and usage logs, facilitating compliance with data security and privacy regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.
Velocity Smart Collect®

The workflows our Healthcare and Pharma partners use the most

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Asset Maintenance and Calibration Tracking

Track medical device and equipment maintenance and calibration schedules, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and optimising asset performance, maintaining the reliability and accuracy of medical devices, reducing downtime and the risk of equipment failures during patient care.
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Medication Dispensing and Inventory

Smart Collect automates medication dispensing and inventory management processes, ensuring accurate tracking and replenishment of medications and medical supplies.
This workflow helps maintain optimal medication stock levels, reducing the risk of medication errors.
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Emergency Equipment Accessibility

Quick and easy access to emergency medical supplies and equipment, ensuring healthcare providers can respond rapidly to critical patient needs, enhancing patient care outcomes by reducing response times during emergencies, improving staff efficiency, and ensuring timely access to life-saving medical resources.

See Velocity Smart Collect® in action!

Velocity Smart Collect™ is designed to provide the best Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution for enterprise IT Support.

Take a tour through our fully automated app, where you will be able to experience first-hand how you can order and collect equipment from your ServiceNow request portal.

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