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Velocity smart vending

Velocity Smart Collect™ delivers Smart Vending straight from your ServiceNow

Velocity Smart Collect™ is the world's first ServiceNow Built On Now certified application to provide a truly integrated Smart Vending solution for enterprise IT Support.

There is no separate Smart Vending application to use, or integrate to, you simply download Smart Collect™ from the ServiceNow app store, and once installed, every single task from restocking to reports, to setting allowance levels or managing access is all performed from right inside your instance of ServiceNow.

We've made Smart Vending do one simple thing: work perfectly with ServiceNow 


User access management

Velocity’s Smart Collect™ utilizes client ServiceNow to manage Vending access.

  • SID Card Scan
  • QR/Barcode scan / Keyboard code input (if required)




Velocity’s Smart Collect™ utilizes client Service Now to User Registration.

  • Bulk Sync Automatic AD
  • Ad-hoc self serve registration (if required)



Allowance level management

Velocity’s Smart Collect™ gives full control of user Vending allowance levels to the ServiceNow admin team

  • The number of dispensed items per period
  • Budget per period
  • Or a combination of both



Transactions recording

Each Vending transaction is recorded in the client ServiceNow platform.

  • Transactions are recorded as completed Requests
  • Enables extensive reporting and stock management.




Your company ServiceNow admin team can create their own reports, just as they create other ServiceNow reports for incidents/changes

  • We have configured the most popular out-to-the-box reports
  • We can configure company-specific Reports



Restocking management

The Velocity Smart Collect™ monitors all vending stock levels

  • Generates ServiceNow events when threshold breached
  • Creates Vending Machine restocking tasks
  • The Restocking workflow could be extended to include ordering of stock etc

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Velocity smart collect

Employee features

Velocity Smart Collect™ Smart Vending is built with employees in mind.

The key to our Velocity Smart Collect™ Smart Vending is that to use the solution; employees don’t need to raise support tickets or request any help from support teams. In fact, to ensure that our solution is the easiest possible solution for employees, we have built a series of user-focused application features which are available out of the box.


Vending machine item availability checking

Sometimes its useful for an employee to be able to check whether an item they are wanting to pick up is available in the vending machine they know they are going to passing by.

Increasingly with Hybrid working this feature is used to potentially determine what time or even which office location the employee is going to work from.



Issue a temporary Vending QR Code

The employee has lost their SID, but absolutely must have an item from a Vending Machine? No problem.

Just like modern ATM systems can give a customer access to they money without their bank card, the user can go into the Velocity Smart Collect™ application and get a QR code which they can use for just this situation.



Request increase in Vending allowance

The employee can also request an increase to their allocated vending allowance, in case they have already used the allowance in the period or know that they will need more than allocated.