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In the fast-paced world of IT support, traditional solutions often fall short. Velocity Smart Collect stands out as a game-changer, solving problems that other systems struggle to address. Let's explore what a Smart Locker is, what the common pitfalls companies face are, and how our Smart Locker System outshines the competition.

What is a Smart Locker?

Smart lockers are a cutting-edge solution to modernise and streamline IT support processes. Unlike traditional alternatives, Velocity Smart Lockers™ leverage cloud-based technology and ServiceNow integration for a seamless user experience.

These lockers function as secure, automated storage units that provide a centralised hub for IT assets. Velocity Smart Lockers™, for instance, offer end-to-end automation, from request fulfilment to asset management, CMDB integration, and restocking.

Key Features of Smart Lockers:

  1. 24/7 Accessibility: Velocity Smart Lockers break free from the constraints of office hours, offering round-the-clock access to essential IT equipment. Need a laptop replacement at 3 AM? Our smart lockers have you covered.
  2. "Click and Collect" Convenience: Say goodbye to long queues at tech bars. With a simple online request through the ServiceNow portal, users can effortlessly retrieve their requested items from the smart locker, making the process efficient and user-friendly.
  3. Automated Fulfillment: Velocity Smart Collect brings innovation into the heart of IT service organizations by fully integrating with ServiceNow. This ensures that every request is fulfilled seamlessly, minimising delays and improving overall service efficiency.
  4. Integrated Management: Beyond mere storage, smart lockers integrate with asset management and CMDB, offering a comprehensive solution. Track your assets in real-time and enjoy automated restocking to keep the locker ready for the next user.

Why Choose Velocity Smart Lockers?

Experience extended service hours, heightened customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs. Velocity Smart Collect brings innovation and automation to the core of IT service organisations, making IT support smarter, faster, and more efficient.

For a more detailed look on IT Smart Lockers and their functionality, dive into our Comprehensive Guide to Smart Locker Technology.

Unlock the future of IT support with Velocity Smart Technology.


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