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- Smart locker provider takes first step towards net zero by announcing both their company and products are carbon neutral -  

UK-based Velocity Smart Technology has become the world's first carbon neutral smart locker provider in what the company describes as a major milestone in the industry.

As climate change and other environmental issues take centre stage and impact all areas of our lives, Velocity Smart Technology is taking an initiative to reduce its carbon footprint, which has been calculated as 727 tCO2e since 2018. 

By working in partnership with the Decarbonisation consultancy Climate Partner, they will continuously measure their Carbon Emissions and implement an ambitious plan for carbon reduction and carbon-offset. 

In an effort to meet net zero, Velocity Smart Technology offset all unavoidable emissions by supporting a carbon offset project, thereby making it a carbon neutral company with carbon neutral products. It has Carbon Offset all Carbon Emissions it had created as a company since first established in 2018.

Speaking of the announcement, Anthony Lamoureux, CEO of Velocity Smart Technology said, “We are really proud that Velocity Smart Technology is carbon neutral – along with our products - as a company we have always challenged ourselves to do more for the world we live in and the future we leave for our children. Manufacturing and shipping our devices around the world shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on our planet and we are proud to be the first in the industry to make this step forward.”

To offset carbon emissions, Velocity Smart Technology supports a carbon offset project in Congo which is certified according to international standards. 

Carbon offset projects compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions, for example through afforestation projects or the replacement of harmful technologies with climate-friendly alternatives.

Lamoureux added, Gaining our carbon neutral certification is just the first step in the journey and in our commitment to decarbonisation. Getting on the scales was hard but there’s so much truth in the adage ‘you can’t control what you can’t measure’. It has been an eye-opening exercise!

We chose to work with the Hydropower project at Virunga because we felt it was an amazing initiative which not only contributed to reducing the use of fossil fuels, but also helped the community and the local wildlife – everything we care about. Velocity Smart Technology isn't just working for the present, we’re investing in the future.”

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