The Velocity Group is made up of two complementary businesses;

Velocity Consulting, is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, is a ServiceNow Consultancy, providing consultancy, support and license sales with customers including Autotrader, Marken (UPS), Drax Energy.

Velocity Smart Technology designs solutions that automate and improve the collection and delivery of IT assets for corporate clients by delivering Velocity Smart Collect™, the world's first ServiceNow fully integrated Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution for Enterprise IT support. 

Velocity and Getronics, have formed a strategic relationship which sees Velocity as one of the key components for Getronics strategic growth. Getronics have embedded the Velocity Smart Collect™ ServiceNow Smart Locker technology into the Getronics 2023 global solution and will in-turn support and accelerate Velocity’s plans to scale.  Getronics are also working with Velocity Smart Technology to integrate Velocity Smart Collect™ as in integral part of Getronics and the GWA’s global digital workplace strategy.

Velocity Consulting will be delivering ServiceNow consultancy as part of the eco-system supporting the newly launched Getronics Consulting.

Velocity CEO Anthony Lamoureux commented “ ..we have proven integrated suite of Smart Technology solutions and consulting services and with Getronics as a trusted partner and with global reach, we will be able to achieve our significant scale and volume goals across our global target markets while maintaining laser on customer focus and a world class end user experience…. “

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