In the fast-paced world of IT support, companies often grapple with outdated solutions that fall short of meeting the demands of modern businesses. Velocity Smart Collect emerges as the beacon of innovation, addressing common challenges faced by enterprises seeking effective IT support. 

  1. Onsite Support Limitations: Traditional onsite support operates within rigid office hours, leaving users stranded when issues arise outside this timeframe. Velocity Smart Collect breaks free from these constraints, offering a 24/7 accessible smart locker solution. Need a laptop replacement at midnight? Our smart lockers have you covered. 
  2. Tech Bars and Long Queues: Tech bars, once considered a go-to solution, often lead to frustratingly long queues. Velocity Smart Collect eliminates the wait, providing a streamlined "Click and Collect" experience directly integrated into the heart of your office via ServiceNow.  
  3. Courier Service Complexities: Complex shipping and pickup processes with courier services result in days of waiting for crucial IT equipment. Velocity Smart Collect simplifies the entire process, allowing users to request and pick up laptops, phones, peripherals, or spares directly from our smart lockers. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays. 
  4. Stand Alone Lockers: Standalone lockers, frequently either empty or functioning as package pigeonholes, offer little reliability. Velocity Smart Collect transforms lockers into a fully automated smart locker system. Enjoy extended service hours, increased convenience, and efficient restock management, ensuring your locker is always ready for the next request.
With full ServiceNow integration, Velocity Smart Collect brings unprecedented automation and innovation to the heart of every IT service organisation. Embrace the future of IT support with our smart locker solution, where efficiency knows no bounds.


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