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In a world where data security and asset protection are paramount, companies are in a constant battle to fortify their locker systems and prevent them from unauthorised access. Many turn to various solutions, but few achieve the level of security offered by Velocity Smart Lockers™. Here's why our Smart Locker Solution stands head and shoulders above the rest:

  1. ServiceNow Fortification: Integrate your Smart Locker System seamlessly with ServiceNow, enhancing security protocols and ensuring airtight control over asset access. Each request involves a one-time use barcode, sent to a registered ServiceNow email, ensuring only individuals with authorisation can retrieve assets.
  2. End-to-End Security Automation: Experience an all-encompassing security net with our fully automated smart locker solution, covering request fulfilment, asset integration, CMDB, and restock management.
  3. Encrypted Cloud Integration: Velocity’s Smart Locker Software employs robust cybersecurity measures designed to protect the system from potential digital threats. Each Smart Locker is fortified with advanced encryption protocols, ensuring that your assets are shielded against hacking or unauthorised access.
  4. Resilient Design and Materials: Velocity Smart Lockers™ are crafted with a focus on resilient design and engineered with robust materials. This not only enhances physical security but also ensures longevity, making them an enduring solution for your security needs.
  5. Dynamic Access Control: Access permissions are dynamically controlled and updated in real-time, an extra layer of security to thwart any unauthorised attempts.

Choose Velocity Smart Technology for a security-first approach, protecting your assets with innovation and automation at every step.

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