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Smart Collect™ Release Note 5.1.0

Velocity Smart Collect™ 5.1.0 is a minor release that introduces a new device range as well as improvements across the entire application:

5.1.0 Release Contents

  • New Device Ranges

  • Velocity Smart Collect™ has extended the range of compatible devices with Smart Vending series.
  • The new devices support the full spectrum of Velocity Smart Collect™ application functionalities
  • The entire Velocity device range is CE and UL certified
  • General Enhancements
    • Cell TAGs functionality - this feature provides the ability to assign specific TAG(s) to Smart Locker Cells (e.g. ADA-compliant, Power & Ethernet-enabled, etc.) and then require that pick-ups and deposits are made against cells with these TAG(s) 
    • Device status monitoring - Velocity's monitoring framework has been extended to cover the new device range
    • Proactive notification mechanism to alert of failed Locker API calls
    • Proactive mechanism for Smart Locker cell desynchronization alerting - automatic creation of service requests to the Smart Locker Support Group
    • Improved consistency of SCTASK behavior on LREQ cancellation
    • Automatic creation of stock replenishment requests now covers stockrooms as well
    • Stability improvement for processing multiple requests with required TAGs
    • Required TAGs functionality extended to cover the Locker Pick Up UI action
    • Ability to bypass the cell availability check when creating outbound or inbound parcel requests - availability is assessed upon deposit
    • Alerting mechanism to inform customers of unacknowledged expired requests
    • Loaner extension enhancements - introduced a configurable property for the max number of allowed extensions and a max loaner duration extension
    • Improved catalog item mapping logic when multiple models across multiple locations satisfy the mapping conditions
    • Moved all lengthy UI action conditions to a Script Include


VelocitySmart-NewIDEAVENDINGMACHINEwithVelocityBranding-EPH-22June2023-v2IDEA Series Vending

The Idea range is our flagship Vending range, representing the epitome of automated asset management innovation. With gentle spiral-free dispensing, break-proof glass, customisable modular shelves, and an HD LED monitor, these next-gen kiosks redefine convenience. The Idea range comes with a conveyer dispensing system which accommodates a wide variety of IT peripherals, equipment or other products, while the advanced self-diagnostic tool ensures smooth operations. Engineered for delicate items, the Idea range comes with an internal lift system that guarantees a damage-free secure and seamless transaction experience. The IDEA comes in two different sizes. Visit our Smart Vending page to learn more.




About Velocity Smart Collect™

Velocity Smart Collect™ is the world’s first ServiceNow app to control Smart Lockers and access to IT equipment directly from ServiceNow ITSM. Velocity Smart Collect™ extends ServiceNow’s reach beyond digital workflow into physical workflow for the first time, enabling ServiceNow ITSM to seamlessly control and manage Velocity’s industry leading range of Smart Lockers and Smart Vending solutions. This enables organisations to offer their employees controlled, auditable access to the equipment they need, when they need it, 24/7, at a fraction of the cost of traditional fulfilment methods, while improving the employee service experience.

Velocity Smart Collect™ has met the high standards of the ServiceNow Built on Now Program, an app monetization framework designed to recognize partners with proven ServiceNow expertise that creates value for our customers across industries.

About Velocity Smart Technology

Velocity Smart Technology is designed from the ground up to deliver the most effective Lockers and Smart Vending solution for Enterprise IT that integrates seamlessly to your existing services, which is why we built it on ServiceNow . We’re proud to be the Worlds first ServiceNow fully integrated Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution that finally delivers on the promise to Save you time, Save you money and Improve your service.


Smart Collect™, Velocity Smart Locker™, Velocity Smart Vending™, are registered trademarks of Velocity Smart Technology ltd. in the United Kingdom and/or other countries.  


ServiceNow, the ServiceNow logo, Now, Now Platform, and other ServiceNow marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of ServiceNow, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.  


To find out how to implement this new release for your ServiceNow platform click the link below to contact Velocity Smart Applications support.


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