- Over a third of UK workers (37%) say the IT department service has improved
since the pandemic
- There has been a 10% drop in employees reporting technological difficulties
since the mass move to remote working

 Little Miss and Mr Men memes have taken over the internet in the past few weeks. Even though the caricature-like drawings from British illustrator Roger Hargreaves may be decades old they have been revived for the twenty-first century. 

The IT department may have once been known as ‘Little Miss Turn It Off And On’, but recent Research investigating how IT departments have coped with a move to mass remote working has shown that IT teams can proudly wave goodbye to the moniker.

The research by Velocity Smart Technology has found that over a third (37%) of UK workers said they have received better support from the IT department since the pandemic hit. IT teams now resolve problems far more quickly – with the mean fix time dropping to just 12 hours in 2021, down from 19 hours in 2020. 

A stark improvement from the depths of 2020 and enduring various lockdowns, when almost half of UK remote workers (45%) reported they had to wait for extended periods for an IT issue to be resolved - with 73% saying they could wait up to 24 hours for an issue to be fixed.

In 2021, UK workers that reported problems with technology whilst working at home was less than a third (31%), whereas in 2020 this was almost 10% higher (39%).

Anthony Lamoureux, CEO of Velocity Smart Technology, said, “IT teams should certainly receive a massive pat on the back for the way they have adapted to a completely new set of support challenges, but by no means should they be getting complacent.”

IT teams have adapted to the new demands created by a dispersed asset base and extended working hours: after a frenetic year spent providing employees with technology solutions and support in adapting to new ways of working, processes are now proven and trusted.

Lamoureux continues, “As we all know, technology is very much a moving feast and to stay ahead of the curve, IT departments need continuous investment and adopt cloud, mobile, automation or machine learning to support remote workers. By adopting Smart Locker technology, IT departments can support a more modern, productive and profitable workforce.  And it’s the business that acts first which will see the biggest benefits.”

These results are part of an independent research report called ‘Changing behaviours of a flexible workforce in 2022 and beyond research, commissioned by Smart Locker Provider Velocity Smart Technology. The research investigated how offices will change in 2022 and how business leaders can support the future of IT support.

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