Self-service is the order of the day. From shopping in supermarkets to education via online courses; when they are given the choice, people are choosing to do what they want in their own time and at their own discretion. The less hoops they have to jump through, and the less obstacles that are put in their way the better - and this new “frictionless” desire is as true with IT support as with anything else.

Riding the wave of this zeitgeist is the Smart Locker solution revolution - which serendipitously dovetails perfectly with the new click & collect preferences of the consumer; it offers efficiencies of scale, time and cost to employers, and simultaneously complies with zero-contact Covid-19 guidelines to ensure safe practice is adhered to. 

But if this sounds too good to be true - let’s run through exactly how the Velocity Smart Locker system works in practice, from end to end.

The first stage of the customer experience is either to request a new piece of equipment, a replacement item or to request help with an IT problem - usually a problem that cannot be immediately resolved by remote desktop access. i.e. a hardware failure.

At this point a user can request a piece of IT equipment from a business’ existing self-service request portal, one of which is the market leading solution, ServiceNow . So far so simple.

At this stage, rather than simply wait (and wait!) for their delivery, the user can just select the ‘Collect Now’ option, using the Velocity Smart Collect™ functionality. This will give them the option to collect the item according to their own schedule - rather than the average 2.9 days it currently takes for new IT items to be delivered by IT support personnel.

The ServiceNow certified Velocity Smart Collect™ app then communicates securely with the Velocity Smart Cloud, and the Velocity Smart Lockers, to manage the process.

Upon approval of their request, the employee will receive their standard request confirmation email, which contains their unique collection barcode, QR code or keypad PIN, which the user can then use at the locker to retrieve their item.

The benefits to end users are clear- they receive their replacement items quicker than before, they can pick them up with 24 hour access at their own convenience, and they can do so in a way that reduces contact, and thus the risk of any viral transmission during this ongoing pandemic.

What is more, once travel resumes to pre-pandemic levels, business travellers will benefit enormously from the ability to replace, return - or even borrow - IT hardware from Velocity Smart Locker Systems all over the world, circumscribing the slow and difficult interactions with IT departments in foreign territories.

 If you want to find out more about Velocity Smart devices and how they connect to our industry-leading Velocity Smart Cloud™ with full ServiceNow integration then get in touch and bring “Click and Collect” to the heart of your office.

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