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In the landscape of IT support, traditional methods often fall short in meeting the demands of modern enterprises. But with Velocity Smart Collect, powered by ServiceNow, companies can revolutionise their approach to IT service delivery. 

When considering the optimal placement for Smart Vending Machines for peripherals in an office environment, it's essential to prioritise accessibility, convenience, and usage patterns. Here's why placing Smart Vending Machines in the right locations is crucial:

  1. Near Common Areas for 24/7 Accessibility: Traditional support methods like onsite support or tech bars are limited by office hours. With Smart Vending Services, employees have round-the-clock access to essential IT items, ensuring productivity isn't hindered by time constraints. Placing Smart Vending Machines near high-traffic common areas makes it convenient for staff to access peripherals like keyboards, mice, or headphones without disrupting their workflow.
  2. Queue Reduction: Tech bars often result in long queues during peak times, causing frustration and delays. Placing Smart Vending Machines strategically near workstations or cubicles helps alleviate these bottlenecks, allowing employees to quickly retrieve what they need without waiting in line, reducing time spent searching for items or waiting in queues at centralised locations.
  3. High-Volume Areas: Identify areas within the office where there is a high demand for specific peripherals. For example, if certain departments require specialised equipment or accessories, strategically place Smart Vending Machines near those departments to cater to their needs efficiently. This ensures that employees have convenient access to the peripherals they use most frequently.
  4. Near Meeting Rooms or Collaboration Spaces: Install a Smart Vending System near meeting rooms or collaboration spaces where employees frequently gather for group activities or presentations. This placement allows employees to quickly obtain peripherals such as presentation clickers, adapters, or chargers before meetings, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted sessions.

By strategically placing vending machines for peripherals in these key locations within the office, companies can enhance accessibility, streamline processes, and improve the overall user experience for employees, ultimately leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

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