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You’d be wrong to assume that a Smart Locker Service is just the next step up from a simple vending machine. Even above the software integrations with digital workflow providers such as ServiceNow - the best Smart Locker Services will cover a full-spectrum of support, skills, advice and maintenance.

Velocity Smart Technology offers customers the chance to leverage our skills to build business cases based on specific data - to present a clear ROI that sells. It helps that this is an extremely easy case to make - on almost all metrics - from the 95% reduction in downtime for employees awaiting replacement hardware, to the frequent three-month ROI delivered by huge overhead savings in IT support. Did we mention the positive net promoter scores employees return regarding the improvement to their IT support provision?

What should you consider when implementing a Smart Locker?

Above and beyond ROI, or satisfying cost efficiencies, there are countless important features, details and considerations that only the best Smart Locker service providers will offer. For instance, locker design that allows for the maximisation of content, based on a clear statistical analysis of use cases.

There is limited and finite space in any locker and maximising the amount of hardware on offer, whilst making the best and most efficient use of the restricted space available is imperative. Velocity can help you design the layout of your locker, tailoring it to your business needs based on a comprehensive analysis of your IT support data.

Likewise, implementation is a crucial factor that should not be overlooked. Where is the optimum location for your locker? How will you manage and plan the delivery and the secure installation? Who will give initial operational guidance? These are all very important considerations that will benefit from the collaboration and guidance of experienced experts in the field, with a proven track record in analysis and implementation.

What makes a smart locker implementation successful?

As with all systemic business changes, engagement and training are the essential key to success. An effective Smart Locker Service Provider should view training as one of the most important services they provide. At Velocity, we use our knowledge and experience gained from decades of working in the world of IT support and consultancy to prepare targeted employee engagement campaigns that can help to communicate the benefits to all stakeholders. Convincing key influential employees to adopt a new system and that it will make an immediate difference to their lives, will help everyone across the business realise the benefits of a new service.

Finally - one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of a full-spectrum end-to-end Smart Locker Service Provider is continued support. Customers have access to the Velocity support team and maintenance of their smart lockers in the first 12 months (subject to agreement on a model).

The potential benefits of a Smart Locker Service are clear - but as with so many things, the difference between the potential on paper and the result in real-life, comes down to the quality of the implementation, and a deep understanding of all the peripheral considerations that combine to deliver the overall result.

If you want to find out more about why choosing the correct partner is so crucial, then book some time with one of our team.

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