The worlds first Servicenow fully-integrated Smart Vending Machine

Velocity Smart Vending

We recognise one size does not fit all and there are various business scenarios and challenges that need different, yet elegant, solutions. This is why we have a range of products to suit your business needs. Our Smart Vending machine allows your business users to access low value, high volume items like keyboards, headsets, charging cables or other computer peripherals at the touch of a button.

Smart Vending Overview...


Smart Technology ...

As we are all aware, IT requests can often take up valuable time from both your IT support staff and end users, but our Smart Vending solution will enhance your support offering as well as making your user experience both seamless and easy.

001-technology   Easy access to low value, high volume items
003-24-hours-delivery   24/7 stock availability
delivery guy   Automated stock management 
002-vending-machine copy   Effective coverage for large campuses