As businesses evolve and seek new ways to streamline IT support operations, traditional solutions often falter, prompting companies to seek a more seamless approach. Velocity’s Smart Lockers step in, introducing a paradigm shift through our state-of-the-art Smart Locker App, and advanced Asset Management Lockers.


  1. Secure Parcel Delivery: Velocity Smart Lockers ensure the secure delivery of IT essentials. With individual compartments, sensitive devices like laptops and peripherals are protected until retrieved, minimising the risk of loss or damage during delivery.
  2. Contactless Pickup: Traditional onsite support operates within office hours, creating a challenge for urgent needs. Velocity Smart Collect provides 24/7 access to fully stocked lockers, enabling swift solutions such as laptop replacements anytime.
  3. Real-time Notifications: Stay informed every step of the way with real-time notifications. Users receive instant alerts when their requested items are placed in the locker, enhancing transparency, and ensuring a prompt pickup.
  4. Efficient Asset Management: Velocity Smart Lockers offer a centralised hub for asset management. Keep track of devices, peripherals, and spares effortlessly through integrated systems, reducing the risk of misplaced or lost items and streamlining inventory management.
  5. User-Friendly Smart Locker App: Access the Smart Locker System seamlessly through our intuitive Smart Locker App. Users can place requests, receive notifications, and schedule pickups with ease, enhancing the overall user experience and reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.
  6. Reduced Downtime: Traditional parcel delivery and collection methods may lead to downtime as employees wait for their IT assets. Velocity Smart Lockers eliminate this downtime, providing a swift and on-demand solution that enhances productivity and minimises disruptions.
  7. Cost Efficiency: Smart parcel lockers contribute to cost efficiency by reducing the need for additional staff for package management and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Make the leap to Velocity asset management lockers – experience extended service hours, heightened customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs. Our Smart Lockers redefine IT support by seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow, bringing innovation and automation to the heart of every IT service organisation.

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