Life has accelerated. We live in a world where pizzas can now be delivered by drone, and where people living in major cities can get online purchases delivered to their door the same day as ordering. Yet despite these incredible improvements in consumer fulfilment times, what is the average time to replace a piece of workplace hardware that is vital to productivity? Almost three days!

 It’s a shocking statistic. Workers have got used to delivering 24x7 operations and remote working, or having simple software issues resolved via a remote connection with IT support, yet hardware replacement times are a major drag on efficiency. According to ‘Workthere’ - the serviced office specialist, the average UK worker is wasting 50 hours a year as a result of failing technology in the office - which scales-up overall to an appalling £11Bn cost to UK businesses each year.

As well as this loss to productivity - the direct costs of using existing IT support systems to deliver replacement hardware quickly stack up. Factoring together the cost of a call to a service-desk (£15-£20), plus the use of a desk-side engineer to deliver a piece of hardware (£40-£60), businesses can be paying up to £80 per item to replace IT hardware, just to experience a three day delay to service. This model is clearly wildly inefficient and desperately overdue for replacement.

Fortunately, there’s a clear solution that minimises user delay, and cuts out the wasted desk-support time - transforming your business into a Velocity Smart Locker workplace.

By placing a Velocity Smart locker in your office premises you can reduce the waiting time for replacement hardware from almost three days to under three minutes, and completely remove the need for an expensive highly-trained IT engineer to waste valuable time performing deliveries. Smart lockers can be placed in the lobby of offices or workplaces, which are not only manned by security guards outside of core working hours, but are also typically open at weekends, ensuring staff have 24x7 access to equipment using a ‘click & collect’ method.

The smart lockers can be stocked with a variety of hardware such as laptops, smartphones, chargers, cables and headsets, that are configured directly to your business needs based on an in-depth analysis of your workplace. Each door of the smart locker can only be opened by scanning a unique secure barcode that is controlled and administered by your IT support - therefore ensuring total, and traceable security.

24x7 access to replacement equipment offers a raft of benefits for users, organisations and IT service providers alike. Organisations will save an estimated 10% - 20% on end user support costs by adopting a self-service model, meanwhile, eradicating the three day wait for equipment will radically reduce the hidden cost of productivity loss due to user downtime.  

An intelligent Smart Locker workplace model combines accessible on-demand delivery for workers, with secure and rapid cost-effective deployment for businesses - a clear and compelling ‘win-win’ for any business looking for the extra edge in the new ‘Post-Covid’ era.

For more detail on how Smart Lockers can empower a workforce, download our eBook and read how you can and transform your IT support.

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