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Imagine a world where IT support is instant, equipment requests are fulfilled in minutes, and operational hiccups are a thing of the past. Sounds too good to be true? Think again.

Using a smart locker is straightforward, but the impact on your business is profound. From requesting items through an integrated cloud-based app to picking them up securely at your convenience, smart lockers automate and simplify the entire process. Learn how these lockers can be customised to fit your specific needs, seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, and provide real-time solutions that save both time and money. These cutting-edge solutions will transform your entire operational workflow.


How to Use a Smart Locker for Optimal Operational Efficiency

Maintenance and Day-to-Day Use

One of the primary concerns for any organisation is maintaining its IT locker systems. Traditional storage solutions often require frequent manual checks and maintenance. In contrast, smart locker software offers automated maintenance alerts. Here’s how it works: The system continuously monitors the lockers and their components. If it detects any issues, such as a low battery or a malfunctioning lock, it immediately alerts the IT department. This ensures prompt resolution of issues before they impact operations. With real-time diagnostics and remote management capabilities, IT departments can oversee locker systems without constant physical inspections.

Day-to-day use of smart lockers is streamlined through user-friendly interfaces and intuitive software. Employees can request items via a ServiceNow-integrated portal, receive notifications when items are ready for pickup, and retrieve them at their convenience. This automation reduces time spent on administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on critical responsibilities. The process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring a positive user experience.

Software Integration for Seamless IT Support

Integrating smart locker solutions with existing IT systems maximises their benefits. Velocity Smart Collect™ excels with full integration into ServiceNow, supporting request, incident, and IT asset management (ITAM), and configuration management database (CMDB). This integration creates a unified ecosystem managing all IT assets and support requests in one place.

This integration automates issuing, tracking, and maintaining IT equipment. For instance, when an employee requests a laptop, the system updates the asset’s status in the CMDB, tracks progress, and notifies the employee when ready for pickup. This minimises errors, enhances asset tracking accuracy, and ensures up-to-date, reliable asset management records.

Adaptability to Different Industries and Company Needs

An outstanding feature of smart locker solutions is their adaptability to diverse industry needs. Whether a corporate office requires secure storage for laptops and peripherals or a healthcare facility needs to distribute medical supplies securely, smart lockers accommodate specific requirements.

Velocity Smart Technology offers customisable options, from locker physical configurations to software settings managing access and usage. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor solutions to unique operational workflows and security needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and security. For example, businesses can choose locker sizes and layouts for specific IT equipment and set access permissions for authorised personnel.

Real-Time Solutions and Cost Efficiency

Real-time capabilities define modern smart locker systems. Organisations use real-time data to monitor locker usage, track inventory, and gain insights into employee behavior and resource utilisation. This data-driven approach informs resource allocation and locker management decisions, enhancing operational efficiency. Peak usage hours can be identified to optimise locker availability, maximising resource use.

From a cost perspective, smart lockers offer favorable total cost of ownership. While initial setup and customisation require investment, long-term benefits include reduced labor costs, decreased downtime, and improved asset management. For example, 24/7 self-service lockers allow anytime access to IT equipment, reducing need for around-the-clock on-site support and minimising downtime.


How to Maximise Smart Locker Benefits

To sum up, here is how you can fully leverage the benefits of smart lockers and optimise operational efficiency:

  1. Regularly Update and Maintain: Schedule routine checks and updates to ensure smooth functioning of lockers and software, minimising disruptions and downtime.
  2. Monitor Usage Data: Utilise real-time analytics to track usage patterns, identify trends, and make informed decisions for optimising locker availability and resource allocation.
  3. Customise for Specific Needs: Tailor locker configurations and access controls to meet the unique requirements of your industry and organisation, ensuring maximum efficiency and security.


Introducing Velocity Smart Technology's Smart Locker Solution

Velocity Smart Technology delivers innovative, customisable smart locker solutions meeting diverse industry needs. Our flagship product, Velocity Smart Collect™, a cloud-based app on ServiceNow, seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructures. Whether requiring secure storage, automated IT asset management, or scalable solutions for growing business needs, our smart lockers ensure unmatched operational efficiency.

Velocity Smart Collect™ offers fully automated locker systems supporting end-to-end request fulfillment and integrated asset management. Our solution streamlines IT equipment provisioning from request to collection, boosting productivity and competitive edge.

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