Velocity Smart Technology has been the only solution provider in the world Smart Locker system with a ServiceNow-certified application for the last five years.

While we have always been building new features, today we can share with you something we have been developing which, even by our standards, is truly revolutionary.

In the video below, you get to see our Chief Technology Officer, Lyubo Chavdarov, giving you a  sneak peek at Velocity's new "Locker-Imbedded- ServiceNow-Application" otherwise known as Smart Collect LISA™



Smart Collect LISA™ , uses a unique design to embed the ServiceNow request portal directly into an intelligent locker for the first time.

Just like modern “Follow-me” printing solutions, it allows employees to authenticate with their staff ID badge or Velocity IOS/Android authenticator app and get access at the locker to a range of brand-new services and features without having to previously raise the request in ServiceNow


image010This will enable a brand new employee experience & features based the employee's ServiceNow authorized security/roles, including :

  • Collect already approved items for pickup
  • Browse items for immediate collection
  • and much much more!

Smart Collect LISA™ is currently in BETA testing, and we can't wait to share the full set of features with you (and get your feedback!) as we get ready for a full product launch later this year!

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