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In the ever-changing world of hybrid workplaces, managing IT support efficiently is a challenge. Traditional methods often fall short, leaving employees frustrated and systems strained. Enter Velocity Smart Technology and our key solution, Smart Collect – a cloud-based app built on ServiceNow, designed to revamp Smart Locker and Smart Vending solutions for enterprise IT support.

  1. Onsite Support Limitations: Relying on onsite support means being confined to office hours and facing elusive availability. Velocity Smart Collect ensures 24/7 access to fully stocked lockers, allowing you to replace essential equipment at any time. This is particularly beneficial for remote workers who may need to access critical devices outside traditional office hours.

  2. Tech Bar Hassles: Tech bars, though useful, often lead to long queues, especially when essential items are needed the most. Our Smart Locker System cuts out the wait, providing a straightforward "Click and Collect" experience right in the heart of your office. Eliminate unnecessary downtime and disruptions with a quick and efficient retrieval process.

  3. Courier Complications: Complex processes with courier services result in days of waiting for IT essentials. Velocity Smart Lockers™ simplify the process – request what you need online, pick it up promptly, and minimise downtime. This is crucial for remote or hybrid teams who can't afford the delays associated with traditional shipping methods.

  4. Stand-alone Locker Issues: Stand-alone lockers are often either empty or used as package drop-offs. Velocity Smart Lockers™ ensure optimal use with end-to-end request fulfillment and integrated asset, CMDB, and restock management. Avoid the frustration of empty lockers with our comprehensive solution.

  5. Hybrid Workplace Advantage: Tailored for the unique demands of hybrid working, our Smart Locker System supports flexible schedules and remote work. Easily access equipment whenever needed, promoting a seamless transition between in-office and remote work environments. Ensure that your workforce has the tools they require, whether they are working from the office or from home.

With Full ServiceNow integration, our Smart Locker System brings practical innovation and automation to every IT service organization. Enjoy extended service hours, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs with Velocity Smart Lockers™.

It's time to streamline your IT support experience in the hybrid workplace.


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