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In the dynamic landscape of IT support, traditional methods fall short. From constrained onsite support to cumbersome tech bar queues, complex courier services, and underutilised standalone vending machines —Velocity Smart Technology's Smart Vending System redefines enterprise IT support with a focus on UI excellence and Velocity Smart Collect.

  1. Intuitive UI for 24/7 Accessibility: Experience a user-friendly interface that grants access to IT essentials 24/7. No more navigating office hours or dealing with cumbersome processes. Our Smart Vending Machines, powered by ServiceNow, provide an intuitive UI, ensuring your Vending Machine is ready to assist whenever you need it.
  2. Tech Bar Transformation: Bid farewell to lengthy tech bar queues. Our Smart Vending System seamlessly integrates with ServiceNow, offering an effortlessly smooth UI experience. Request and collect phones, peripherals, or spares, with a few clicks from the comfort of your UI-driven online Service Portal.
  3. Streamlined Courier Alternatives: Escape the complexities of traditional courier services with a UI-driven, end-to-end request fulfillment process. Velocity Smart Vending, integrated with ServiceNow, simplifies the UI experience, ensuring a faster and more efficient solution for your IT needs.
  4. Beyond Standalone: Experience an advanced UI with Velocity Smart Vending™. Benefit from full automation, integrated asset management, CMDB, and restock management—all easily navigated through a seamless UI. Enjoy extended service hours, heightened customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs.
  5. Request Fulfillment with User-Friendly Touch Interaction: Navigating ServiceNow's Smart Collect is a breeze with our Smart Vending Machines' HD touchscreen. Users can easily request essential items directly from the Smart Vending Machine using the responsive touchscreen. This simplifies the request fulfillment process and makes user interaction straightforward and efficient.

Unlock the next level of IT support with Velocity Smart Technology's Smart Vending Machines—where an intuitive UI and Smart Collect integration converge for a transformative, efficient enterprise experience.

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