As the news continues to bring constant changes regarding COVID-19, we wanted to reach out and assure you that Velocity is taking steps to not only limit the spread within our teams but also ensure that we are able to continue to deliver Velocity Smart devices in these challenging times.

We understand that Smart Lockers are forming a vital part of businesses' “zero-touch” Business Continuity responses, so we are taking the responsibility to maintain production and delivery extremely seriously.

Locker Production.  

At present, whilst we have made the health and safety of our employees paramount and introduced necessary social distancing measures to our manufacturing capabilities in the USA and UK. Due to these safety measures, we are currently delivering critical solo activities only which will cause some impact on our production capacity and timescales. This will be reviewed again in May. 

Locker Delivery.  

While airfreight has been affected by recent air travel restrictions, sea freight and land transport are largely unaffected, both across Europe and the USA, so we are currently able to deliver Velocity Smart devices to planned timescales.

Locker Installation & Commissioning.  

We are putting in place a number of robust measures designed to make the health and safety of our customers is a top priority whilst still enabling Velocity Smart Devices to be delivered to site, installed, tested, and commissioned with a “contact-free delivery” model.
  • Our delivery and commissioning teams wear protective masks and gloves
  • The onsite delivery process ensures social distancing and only requires site contacts to allow access to the office for our installation team
  • Commissioning testing and sign off are performed remotely via video link
  • Velocity Devices are disinfected and cleaned down thoroughly as part of commissioning completion
  • All packaging is removed by the commissioning team from the site 

Services and Support. 

All Velocity employees are fully operational and have been working from home for the last month, all support responses and meetings are able to be performed remotely. 

Device Demos and Client Meetings.

With a range of online demos already available and the ability to run live demos from our London office via video link, we are still able to support your demo and meeting requirements.

We have worked hard to ensure that we are still able to deliver all Velocity products and services and our commitments to you, even under the current challenges.

The situation and advice from the government changes on a daily basis. If this affects our capability or if our ways of working need to be altered, we will let you know immediately with a further update.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Velocity team on the link below.
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