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In the fast-paced world of office IT support, companies constantly seek innovative solutions to address common asset management challenges. While various methods have been attempted, they often fall short. Velocity Smart Technology's Smart Collect, a cloud-based app built on ServiceNow, presents a seamless solution to these issues, transforming the way businesses manage their IT assets.

  1. Onsite Support Reimagined: Traditional onsite support is constrained by office hours and availability. With Velocity Smart Collect, you gain access to fully stocked lockers 24/7, ensuring immediate assistance, even for urgent tasks like laptop replacements.
  2. Tech Bars without the Hassle: Bid farewell to long queues at tech bars. Velocity's smart locker system provides an efficient and convenient "Click and Collect" solution that eliminates waiting times, ensuring your employees get what they need, when they need it.
  3. Courier Services Simplified: Complex shipping and pickup processes become a thing of the past. Velocity's integration with ServiceNow streamlines the asset request process, allowing you to collect your laptops, phones, peripherals, or spares directly from Velocity Smart Lockers™.
  4. Optimised Standalone Lockers: Traditional standalone lockers often become underutilised or are treated as package pigeonholes. With Velocity's smart locker system, these lockers are transformed into a sophisticated asset management solution that ensures end-to-end request fulfilment, integrated asset management, CMDB updates, and restocking.

Velocity Smart Lockers™ offer extended service hours, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs. By bringing innovation and automation to the heart of your IT Service organisation, our Smart Locker System ensures that you have access to your assets when you need them, making IT support more efficient and effective. Don't let asset management challenges hold your office back; embrace the future with Velocity Smart Technology.

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