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In the dynamic realm of IT support, Smart Locker Technology takes centre stage, reshaping workflows and revolutionising how organisations tackle common challenges.

What is a Smart Locker?

A Smart Locker represents a revolutionary evolution in storage solutions, redefining security, accessibility, and operational workflows. Distinguishing itself from conventional lockers, a smart locker incorporates electronic locks and seamless connectivity to cloud-based platforms. Through intuitive online portals such as Velocity Smart Collect, users experience streamlined workflows with features like contactless pickup and drop-off, significantly improving efficiency in organisational operations.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Onsite Support 24/7: Traditional onsite support is confined to office hours, creating gaps in service availability. Velocity Smart Collect bridges this gap with a 24/7 accessible smart locker system. Now, employees can effortlessly access fully stocked lockers at any time, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and quick issue resolution.
  2. Improved Tech Bar Efficiency: Tech bars are often victim to frustrating queues, hindering swift issue resolution. Velocity Smart Collect introduces a paradigm shift by offering a "Click and Collect" experience. By requesting IT essentials online and retrieving them directly from a Velocity Smart Locker™, employees enjoy a frictionless process that maximises efficiency.
  3. Courier-Grade Simplicity: Traditional courier services introduce complexities with shipping and pickup processes. Velocity Smart Collect simplifies this, providing end-to-end request fulfillment through an automated smart locker system. This not only minimises wait times but also ensures a seamless experience, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  4. Dynamic Stand-Alone Lockers: Stand-alone lockers often suffer from underutilisation or misuse. Velocity Smart Collect transforms these lockers into dynamic assets with ServiceNow integration. Experience a holistic solution with integrated asset, CMDB, and restock management, streamlining processes and ensuring optimal utilisation.
  5. Integrated Workflow: Velocity Smart Collect doesn't just offer a standalone solution; it integrates seamlessly into existing workflows. With ServiceNow integration, the smart locker system becomes an integral part of your IT service organisation, enhancing communication, asset management, and overall workflow efficiency.

Embrace the future of IT support workflows with Velocity Smart Collect—where extended service hours, heightened customer satisfaction, and reduced support costs converge to define a new era in smart locker technology.

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