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IT asset management has evolved significantly, moving away from traditional methods like manual inventory checks and cumbersome asset tracking spreadsheets. Today's enterprises require real-time visibility and control over their assets, a demand that is met by intelligent systems such as smart lockers.

Smart lockers, powered by cutting-edge technology, provide a seamless, automated approach to asset management. They ensure that your IT equipment is always available, secure, and trackable. These lockers are integrated with existing IT management systems, synchronising asset data across the organisation. This integration enables IT teams to track assets accurately, respond to incidents promptly, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.


What Makes a Smart Locker System Stand Out?

When considering a smart locker system for your organisation, it's essential to understand the key standards and features that set apart the best solutions on the market. Here are the top criteria to keep in mind:

Cloud-Based Connectivity

A robust smart locker system should be cloud-based, ensuring that your asset management processes are accessible and manageable from anywhere. With WiFi and 3G connectivity, these systems provide real-time data synchronisation, allowing IT managers to monitor and manage assets remotely. This level of connectivity ensures that your operations are never disrupted, no matter where your team is located. Employees can request assets from anywhere, anytime, and collect them conveniently from the nearest smart locker, eliminating wait times and improving user satisfaction.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets is a constant challenge for organisations, particularly as assets move between locations and change hands. Smart locker systems provide real-time visibility into asset status, location, and usage, enabling IT teams to track inventory levels, identify trends, and forecast future needs effectively.

Encrypted Cloud Integration and Enhanced Security

Security is paramount when it comes to managing high-value IT assets and sensitive data. The best smart locker systems are secured with encrypted cloud integration and multi-factor authentication, protecting your data from potential breaches and unauthorised access. This ensures that only authorised personnel can access and manage the assets, maintaining the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Versatility for High-Value and Consumable Items

A top-tier smart locker system should be versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of items—from laptops and spares to cables and office keys. This versatility ensures that all essential equipment is securely stored and easily accessible, keeping your operations running smoothly. By catering to various types of assets, these lockers can significantly reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

Flexibility and Scalability

Smart locker systems offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability, catering to the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Whether deploying a handful of lockers in a single office or implementing a network of lockers across multiple locations, organisations can customise the system to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, modular design and cloud-based architecture allow for easy expansion and adaptation as business needs evolve over time.

Seamless Integration with IT Management Tools

The ability to fully integrate with IT management tools such as ServiceNow is a game-changer in effectiveness, enabling proactive management and informed decision-making. With Velocity Smart Collect™, for instance, your smart lockers can seamlessly connect to ServiceNow for request management, incident management, IT asset management (ITAM), and configuration management database (CMDB) functions. This integration streamlines the entire asset management process, from request to fulfilment, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


The Benefits of Implementing Velocity Smart Lockers

Innovation and Automation: By integrating fully with ServiceNow, it brings a "Click and Collect" service to your office.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Cost Reduction: Setting up Velocity Smart Lockers is a quick process, taking just a few hours. Once operational, your IT department can immediately reap the benefits. These include higher customer satisfaction levels, cost reduction by replacing or re-tasking desk-side engineers, and providing 24/7 asset replacement cover, even in locations without on-site support.

Rapid ROI: Investing in a Velocity Smart Locker System provides a return on investment in less than six months. This quick turnaround is due to the system's ability to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and streamline asset management processes.


Integrating a smart locker system into your IT asset management strategy is a strategic decision that offers a multitude of benefits. With features like cloud-based connectivity, encrypted security, versatile storage options, and seamless integration with IT management tools, smart lockers are poised to revolutionise the way enterprises handle their IT assets. Velocity's Smart Locker System is a standout choice, offering comprehensive automation and integration that delivers tangible value to your organisation. Embrace the future of IT asset management with Velocity Smart Lockers and witness a significant boost in productivity and efficiency.

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